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PlaceCal is a community directory and events calendar where you can find out everything that’s happening in your neighbourhood all in one place.

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We help communities thrive

Do you want to bring your neighbourhood together to create a stronger, more resilient community?

Do you want to improve the health and wellbeing of all residents and to reduce social isolation and loneliness?

Do you want to support each community group in your area to easily publish high quality information about their activities online?

Our story Who is PlaceCal?

How we can help

Community groups

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Convert your local knowledge into a great community information website.

Metropolitan areas

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Publish what’s on guides across health, housing, and council sectors.


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Support community groups in your neighbourhood to work better together.

Housing providers

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Connect your tenants with their local community.

Social prescribers and GPs

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Find hyperlocal social prescriptions in under 30 seconds.

Culture and tourism

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Bring more people into your venue, your area or your city.

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Who is PlaceCal?

We are a not-for-profit social enterprise established by Geeks for Social Change and Manchester School of Architecture.

PlaceCal was developed to combat social isolation and loneliness in our neighbourhood. We discovered that it would have amazing wellbeing and social benefits for every neighbourhood.

The PlaceCal project was conceived as part of “Manchester Age Friendly Neighbourhoods”, an age friendly partnership project described as ‘world class’ by the World Health Organisation.

Winner: AAL Smart Ageing Prize 2018

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Finalist: Nesta Tech to Connect Prize 2019

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People are saying they’re bored and there’s nothing to do – with this much on that’s mad isn’t it!

Catherine Participant at a supported IT session for older residents