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Big Life Centres

Big Life Centres enables people to live their best lives. It does this by developing health and well being centres that deliver holistic services to improve the quality of life for people living in disadvantaged areas. It enables people to make choices for themselves.

Big Life Centres offer:

  • A place in the community – high quality, welcoming, helpful
  • Improving access to health and wellbeing services for all residents
  • Supporting people and providing opportunities for them to achieve their goals and aspirations
  • Offering tenants a high quality, competitive service with added value linked to our shared values
  • Improving health and wellbeing outcomes

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1st Floor, 463 Stretford Road,
M16 9AB

Big Life Centres manage Zion Community Resource Centre and Kath Locke Centre.

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Zion Community Resource Centre

The Zion Centre has been providing support and resources to the people of Hulme and the surrounding area since 1991.

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T: 0161 226 5412
W: big-life-centres/ zion-centre


339 Stretford Road,

Kath Locke Centre

The Kath Locke Centre combines the best in conventional NHS healthcare alongside complementary therapies to offer a complete approach to health and well-being.

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T: 0161 455 0211
W: big-life-centres/ kath-locke-centre


123 Moss Lane East,

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