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Commemorating the Partition
of India.

12pm – 5:30pm
5 hours 30 mins
17 Aug 2019

The 1947 partition of India has a legacy that has left scars in the memories of those who lived through it, as well as the later generations who learn about the brutal history of displacement. Please join us as we remember the history of the partition of India.

We have invited local artists to lead creative workshops exploring reasons why the history of the partition of India should be integral to the UK school curriculum, as well as why we need a South Asian Heritage Month in the UK. The partnership event between Manchester Museum and Whitworth Art Gallery will also consist of artist workshops, talks, a film, a performance, and a community bazaar.

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T: +44 (0) 161 306 6000 W:

Event address

Manchester Museum,
Oxford Road,
M13 9PL