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Whose birthday is it anyway?

8pm – 3am
7 hours
14 Jun 2019

After a wicked event back in february that brought you Captain Hotknives, Mollusca, Jim Adama and some of the maddest party games you’ve EVER SEEN, Pals are BACK to help you get ya knickers untwisted as we get to the half way point of the trainwreck that is 2019.

Some people have birthdays in June, if that is you you can come drink and party with us. Some people don’t have birthdays in June, and if that is you YOU SHOULD ALSO COME DRINK AND PARTY WITH US!!!!

Get ready for an eclectic night of music and performance, drinking (if you want to), dancing, laughing, wiggling, pratting about, frolicking, etc etc etc.

Arch Femmesis Birthed from Nottingham’s underground queer scene, ARCH FEMMESIS aims to evoke the spirit of outsider subcultures ranging from oldschool punk to the pounding experimentalism of Club Kids.

The DandyLions In your face neon glam rock. It’s pink and yellow and it’s fucking great.

PHATTFOXX These boys do not mess about. Hard hitting live drum and bass that will get your feet goin tae fuck!

Alt Femme A dj set including live lip syncs, gyrating and flopping around the stage in the most alluring manner. Imagine Kate Bush wired out her tits humping Marilyn Mansons leg.

Drag performances from Laura Bell and Jordi Lamb as well as the maddest party games you’ll have ever played from the DELICIOUS Ivy Profemme!!

There will be a limited open mic. You can do whatever you want! Just drop Mollusca a message if you want to perform!

The night will only charge to cover bands! They’re all coming to party for the sake of partying so let’s be nice as we can eh!

£4 otd.

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Guildhall Close,
M15 6SY